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Facilitating Every Element of Quality Living

With four beautiful boutique style living homes in the lovely cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta, Abundant Care is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our mature adults and their families. We are committed to providing the best possible assisted living in a loving, empowering and caring environment. More than a place to live, Abundant Care goes the distance to make you or your family member feel at home with our warm and inviting environment and friendly, caring staff.

Some families look at the large assisted living facilities and get dazzled by the huge buildings, the events they plan, the big dining room and staff and people bustling around like you are in a city airport. That type of atmosphere is fine for some people, especially those that are very active and want to have daily or weekly happy hours, socials and a dizzying array of activities like a country club environment that only a small percentage of residents partake it. It all sounds like fun and games, but for some aging adults, it’s just too much stimulation and they become overwhelmed with that type of atmosphere and often become withdrawn even though as family, we might think this would be an exciting place to have your family member meet new friends, socialize and enjoy every moment of their life.

We are a family-run, locally owned assisted living care home that cater to the needs of six adults in each home. We know everyone’s names, their history, their immediate and extended family, their eccentricities and what makes them smile and laugh when we notice they may seem a little down. We stay in touch with family and keep them updated on progress after a surgery, whether they are acting different, etc. You won’t find large assisting living facilities offer such an intimate level of care. With the amount of staff to resident ratio, there is no way they can offer these services.

Abundant Care has been serving the Santa Barbara community since 1999, and we invite you to visit our wonderful homes, meet our current residents and get their perspective on their personalized care – please call to schedule an appointment. We are happy to discuss how we can serve your needs or your loved ones.

Personal Care, Amazing Amenities

Relaxing & Comfortable Accommodations, Boutique Style Homes

Individual patio gardens for each resident

Creating That Coveted Level of Care

Each home accommodates only six residents to ensure exceptional and personal attention. The residents’ sense of security, quality of life and happiness is a result of proactively engaging families and medical professionals to tailor individualized care plans. From delicious homemade meals to friendly conversation, activities and primary medical care, we undoubtedly set our priority on the well-being of each person living in our homes.

Abundant Care’s team of knowledgeable, service-oriented and congenial staff continue to create a warm family dynamic in our homes. Our residents experience a loving, welcoming atmosphere where they are respected and valued. You will enjoy visiting any of our homes and find out for yourself what sets us apart. From our family to yours, welcome home.

Always Committed To Your Well Being & Happiness